How long has Plymouth Foam Building Material been in business?

We have been serving a wide range of customers for their building material needs for over 25 years and are known as a leader in our industry.


Where can I buy Plymouth Foam Building Material products?

Contact 1-800-669-1176 to find a dealer near you.


Does EPS foam contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) or HCFCs?

No. EPS foam products have never been manufactured with CFCs. The expansion agent for EPS material is pentane.


Does EPS foam contain formaldehyde?



Is EPS considered Toxic?

The simple chemical makeup of EPS is carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; elements found in wood and other organic materials.


May I use EPS insulation for below grade insulation requirements?

Yes. EPS is used effectively throughout the United States for below grade applications. EPS is not biodegradable and gives effective R-value even in high moisture conditions.


Does EPS R-Value experience any thermal drift; does it lose its insulating properties over time?

No.  The R-Value of EPS remains constant throughout its lifetime because the cellular structure of EPS contains only stabilized air.