Profile Underlayment


Profile EPS Insulation and Siding Backer

Profile™ siding backer is engineered to meet the needs of every residing project as well as every budget. Its compressive and flexural strength provide a stable backing to the new siding, creating a more solid feel.
Profile siding backer is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. This product is constructed from inert organic materials and contains no CFC’s, HCFS’s, or formaldehyde.


  • Custom manufactured to match the profile of all major siding configurations
  • Eliminates air infiltration
  • Increases R-Value (3.85/in at 75º F)
  • Corner posts and starter strips available
  • Allows walls to breathe preventing mildew and rot
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gives siding a solid feel
  • Makes siding less susceptible to impact damage (Example: photo at right shows damage to siding without Profile Siding Backer)
  • Eliminates “fish mouthing”
  • Eliminates “wavy walls”


  • Density: Nominal 1.0 pound per cubic foot (test method ASTM C-303)
  • Water Permeability: 5.0 perm/inch maximum, (test method ASTM E-96) not a vapor barrier
  • Water Absorption: Less than 4% by volume (test method ASTM C-272)
  • Flammability: Manufactured from modified Expandable Polystyrene which is treated with a fire retardant additive. This product is combustible and should not be exposed to flame or other ignition sources. This product should be installed in accordance with applicable building codes.