Gold Fold


Gold-Fold and Gold Fold-Plus Fanfold Re-siding Underlayment

Home re-siding provides one of the best returns on investment of any type of home improvement project. Gold-Fold and Gold-Fold Plus, two of our DuraGold Series products, help assure that re-siding jobs provide the ultimate in value for years to come.

Gold-Fold and Gold-Fold Plus underlayment are durable, easy to use and will provide numerous immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Save money: Avoid costly tear-off and disposal of old siding.
  • Level Imperfections: Ideal for leveling old exterior wall surfaces to help assure that the new siding applies flat and straight.
  • Smooth Application: “Cut-hinges” allow Gold Fold to lay flat on old siding for improved appearance of new siding.
  • Superior Thermal Protection: DuraSpec insulation offers the best long-term R-value of all traditional insulation products, even in the harshest climates.
  • Thermal Upgrade: Reflective Facer option adds R-2.1 to system R-Value when installed with 3/4″ dead air space, and is available in all thickness’.
  • Save Energy: Provides a protective wind barrier over cracks in the old siding and around windows and doors to eliminate energy robbing drafts in all seasons
  • Prevent Moisture Damage: Perforated facers allow walls to breath, preventing mildew, dry-rot and structural damage that can be caused by trapped moisture within wall cavities.
  • Extra Support: Compressive and flexural strength provides a stable backing to the new siding, providing a more solid feel.

Use Gold-Fold Plus for those jobs that require extra strength:

  • Higher density EPS core
  • More R-Value per inch
  • Stronger facer for greater durability
  • Better wall leveling for improved appearance of the new siding

Easy Installation: Both Gold-Fold and Gold-Fold Plus fasten directly over the old siding. Then trim around protrusions using a utility knife, and install new vinyl or aluminum siding over Gold-Fold or Gold-Fold Plus per the siding manufacturer’s directions.

Siding Backer

DuraSpec Solid Backer provides a custom-fit option to add protection to a home when re-siding:

  • Custom manufactured to match the profile of all major siding configurations.
  • Eliminates air infiltration and adds R-value to walls for improved thermal efficiency (R-3.85 @ 75*F).
  • Gives siding a solid feel and eliminates gaps in siding overlap for improved appearance
  • Corner posts, starter strips and related products are also available.

Properties and Specifications

The superior R-value of DuraSpec insulation is the most cost effective available and will not diminish over time. Gold-Fold, Gold-Fold Plus and Solid Backer all meet or exceed the physical and thermal property standards as established in ASTM C578-92.