Our DuraSpec™ line is a diverse group of products specifically designed for a variety of uses:

  • Residential and commercial building projects
  • Roadway, transportation infrastructure and foundation stabilization projects
  • As custom-solutions product components

Plymouth Foam has multiple production and distribution facilities located throughout the United States and we take great pride in our record of superior quality, service and innovation.

DuraSpec™ Building Products. A quick overview:

  • Exterior Re-siding Underlayment
  • Exterior Sheathing
  • Gold-Wall Interior Insulation
  • DuraGold-Series Insulation Products
  • Multi-Purpose Insulation: Sub slab, cold-storage, etc.
  • Drop-Out Ceiling Tiles (See Bulletin)
  • Roofing: Flat, tapered and specialty
  • EIFS: Flat and architecturally shaped foam for Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems
  • ICFs: Insulated Concrete Forms for the concrete construction industry
  • High Tolerance Lamination
  • Custom Solution Products: Manufactured Housing and Garage Doors
  • Geofoam: Lightweight insulation and fill for roads, bridges, building foundations, retaining walls, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Sill Seal, Vent Rite, etc.

(Product certification logos: UL, Energy Star, Radco, ICBO, EPSMA, FM)