Durafill Geofoam


The use of engineered expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam has a history dating back to the 1960s when the Norwegian Road Research Laboratory (NRRL), and later Japan, began incorporating geosynthetics as a road insulation and lightweight fill material. While relatively new to North America, geofoam continues to succeed in projects where conventional earth fills have shown a history of poor performance and failure. Today, in addition to transportation projects, EPS geofoam is used in a variety of civil engineering applications where its unique performance characteristics have made it the material of choice within the engineering community Worldwide.

EPS Geofoam
Plymouth Foam’s EPS Geofoam is a cellular plastic produced from petroleum and natural gas by-products. Manufactured in block form, and in densities ranging from 1.00# – 2.00# per cubic foot, EPS is easily fabricated to finish dimensions at the factory and/or at the jobsite. PolyTec EPS Geofoam is third-party certified by Underwriters Laboratories and RADCO to assure product compliance with ASTM Standard C 578.

Plymouth Foam’s EPS Geofoam has a very low density (1% the weight of earth fill) to provide engineered solutions in ground fill applications where weight reduction is desired to reduce the stresses exerted on poor load-bearing soils. Additionally, EPS Geofoam outperforms other alternative materials, such as foamed concrete, wood chips, waste tires, etc., is easy to handle and position during installation, and can be used year-round without weather related work stoppages.

Product Features

  • Low Density – Only 1% the weight of earth fill materials.
  • Variable Densities – Manufactured to meet your job specifications.
  • High Strength/Density Ratio – All the strength, only 1% of the weight.
  • Design Flexibility – Variety of block sizes to meet your project needs.
  • Time Tested – Predictable performance over the life of the project.
  • Stability – Will not shift or compact like other fill materials.
  • No Leachates – Will not contaminate surrounding environment.
  • Inert – Experiences no physical breakdown during prolonged burial.
  • Third-Party Testing – Your assurance of quality with every order.

Geofoam Applications

  • Road Embankment Construction
  • Bridge Abutment Backfill
  • Retaining Wall Backfill
  • Road / Parking Lot Insulation
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Roadway Sound Barriers
  • Foundation Fill / Insulation
  • Plaza Decks
  • Levees / Dikes / Berms
  • Landscape Design

Geofoam provides members of the Civil Engineering community with innovative, engineered solutions where poor load-bearing soils present design challenges.