DuraCore HP Garage Door Insulation Kit

Duracore HP is a retrofit garage door insulation kit for standard metal garage doors. Made from energy-efficient expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is known for its long-lasting R-Value, which reduces heating and cooling costs

  • 70% of installed garages are uninsulated
  • Garages are typically the largest uninsulated area of the home
  • Easy installation requires only a few standard tools
  • Exposed panel face covered by a high-impact plastic lamination for enhanced appearance, superior durability and easy cleaning.

Kit Specifications:

  • Kit dimensions: 20 1/2″ wide x 54″ long x 10 1/2″ high
  • Approximate weight:9.5 lbs.
  • Kit contains 8 panels (1 1/4″ x 20″ x 54″)
  • Fits all standard 8’ and 9’ single-car, metal garage doors
  • Two kits required for 16’ and 18’ two-car garages