Case Studies

There are times when a project that uses one of the many Plymouth Foam Building Materials has a great story associated with it. View the case studies below to see how Plymouth Foam Building Materials can help you get ahead.

EPS Review Volume 1 Issue 1
Gold-Wall® insulation used on Lambeau Field renovation.

EPS Review Volume 1 Issue 2
Durafill™ Geofoam helps Wisconsin DOT deal with poor soil conditions on bridge reconstruction between two lakes.

EPS Review Volume 1 Issue 3
Durafill™ Geofoam provides essential weight reduction for resort project on Lake Michigan peninsula.

EPS Review Volume 3, Issue 1
Durafill™ Geofoam reduces weight on underground U-505 exhibit at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, saving additional structural expense.

EPS Review Volume 3, Issue 2
Innovative Durafill™ Geofoam-based Stadium Savers provides a better tiered seating platform system.